Date/TimeMeeting / Event
Daily 00:30 UTCMontana Traffic Net
Saturday 7a.m.Breakfast at Paradise Falls
Sunday 8 a.m.Montana Section Net 3.880 mhz
2nd Monday of Month at 7 p.m.Club Meeting
Wednesday at 9 p.m.
Club VHF Net
?? April 2021Grizzly Triathlon
24 April 2021Riverbank Run
12 June 2021Trail Rail Run
25 – 27 June 2021Field Day
27 June 2021Missoula Marathon Cancelled (Virtual)
4 July 2021Club Special Event Station
15 – 16 October 2021JOTA
21 October 2021The Great Montana Shakeout Drill
?? October 2021Dirt Dash
4 – 5 December 2021Sky Warn Recognition Day
13 December 2021Christmas Dinner Party

Monthly Club Meetings

The Missoula Fire Department has cancelled the use of all firehouse conference rooms until further notice to reduce exposure to COVID-19. In the meantime HARC meetings will be held using the Zoom software. Email invitations to the Zoom meetings will be sent out by the club president before each club meeting.

Saturday Breakfast

Cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19 closures.

Field Day

It is still too early in the year to forecast how we will conduct Field Day 2021 as a club. More to follow. For more info see ARRL Field Day. Club point of contact is Mike K7MSO.

Fourth of July Special Event Station

Hopefully we will run our W7PX Special Event from Fort Missoula this year.

Riverbank Run

Hellgate ARC members provide for public service and emergency radio communications for hundreds of runners. Some members have even competed in this event.

Club members will be located at strategic locations along the route. It is usually finished by early afternoon and then we normally get together at what is now Bridge Pizza at club expense. Those helping can give their choice for the after-event get together. A good activity to get involved with if you haven’t participated in any of these events in the past.

JOTA – Jamboree On The Air

Contact Eric NZ7S for more info on how to participate.

Fox Hunts

  • Participants should check in prior to the hunt on the 146.90 repeater. Unlicensed persons are welcome to participate without checking in.
  • For this hunt, the fox’s callsign will be: KC7RBC
  • The hunt will be held on the simplex frequency of: 146.560 MHz
  • The transmissions will begin at: 7:00 PM Local Time
  • The hunt may continue for 2 Hrs, longer at the fox’s option.
  • The fox will transmit for approximately one minute and then be silent for 4 minutes.
  • The fox will not significantly change transmitted power levels during the hunt.
  • The fox will be in a location accessible by the public, without charge and will not be inside of a building.
  • For this hunt the fox will be within the Missoula Valley, and in a place accessible by vehicle.
  • For this hunt, participants can begin the hunt from anywhere he or she prefers.
  • After the first hour of the hunt, the fox may at his or her discretion, provide hunters with clues to the fox’s location.
  • With this being the second transmitter hunt that the club has done in quite a few years, we would like the hunt to be fun for all. If you have suggestions on how we can improve this or future hunts please let us know.
  • Drive carefully and observe all traffic statutes during this hunt, for everyone’s safety.
  • Have fun, we are all novices at this and the object is to have a good time.

The Great Montana Shakeout Drill

To participate tune into the club net on 147.04, plus offset, no tone. Report your status with the following:

– your call sign

– your QTH

– your current location if different from your home QTH

– what radio you are checking in with (not every radio you own)

– do you have emergency power available (not if you are on emergency power)

– short description of emergency power available